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Friday, August 12, 2011

Feather Clutch {Inspired by the Feather trend}

Feathers are my favorite accessories,  I can not get enough of them! So, of course I was inspired! This feather clutch is the perfect finish to any outfit, from an LBD to the funky cool ensemble!

I am sure everyone has an old clutch that never sees the light of day or the light on dance floor anymore. Here is a perfect way to recycle an old favorite to a new, trendy, awesome clutch!
here's what you'll need :

1. tools
           - scissors: they help shape the feather's width, length
                                   - hot glue gun and glue sticks: glues the feathers to the clutch
                                               - paint (watercolor) and paintbrush
      2. an old clutch
       3. fancy feathers (from Hobby Lobby)
4. 2 feather dusters (from walmart $1 each!)
It's pretty easy from there! One great tip is to shape, cut, and paint the feathers before glueing. Painting the feathers gives the clutch an added depth. Start on a bottom corner and work your way up. Buy a black ribbon to cover the top of the clutch and to give it a finish look and VOILA!
Finish product {Inspired}
asos clutch, Rachel Bilson's feather clutch {Inspiration}
D.I.Y. Feahter Clutch (using feather dusters)
I had a blast making this clutch! I hope you do too, enjoy! Now, go out and get inspired! 

'til next time.
Ace out <3

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